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About Us

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Gift for a Child, Inc. was established in 2005 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on helping children in foster care.

Mission: Gift for a Child’s mission is to educate and mobilize individuals and the business community to invest their leadership, resources and gift for solving problems to help foster youth overcome obstacles to achieving academic, life and career success.

Our Goals: Improve the lives of foster youth – One Gift and One Solution at a Time. Our gifts to children last a lifetime: Education, Time, Adventures, Listening Ears, Positive Memories, Education, and Adult Connections.

  • Imagine the impact of a world of gift givers where every child without a family receives something from someone
  • Envision every child receiving a gift that helps them experience something new, learn technology, develop life skills or write their life story
  • Picture a world where every child is provided a memory of an important event in their life that they will never forget
  • Imagine individuals donating a gift that includes time with a child that helps them achieve educational and career success
  • Think about children without a mom or dad connecting to caring adults
  • Think about every business providing one gift that helps a child succeed in life

Now you know what Gift for a Child is all about.

Who do we help?

The world is large and difficult; no child should have to face it alone.  Foster youth need support from a caring community of businesses and individuals. 

That is the guiding tenet of Gift for a Child, a nonprofit organization providing loving support and solutions to every day challenges faced by  children in foster care. Our programs are designed to help at critical points in foster care – education support and achievement, advocacy, offering guidance and mentoring, and financial support.  We are the non profit organization that is known for our presence.

Join us in providing children without families Solutions for Success. Your gift may be the solution that changes the life of a child in foster care.

Improving Permanency: Since 2005, thanks to the generous support of business partners, faith-based organizations, individual donors and corporate sponsors, Gift for a Child has served over 1,500 foster youth.  Adoption, foster care and advocacy events throughout Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and North Carolina helped raise awareness about the need for caring adults to help children in foster care.

Preparing Youth for the Future: In 2006, we expanded our impact to focus on meeting the needs of older youth transitioning out of foster care. Not all of the children we served were being adopted and child welfare agencies were starting to experience resource and program reductions. Program funding reductions continue to limit the ability of government agencies to help prepare foster youth for higher education attainment, seeking a job or transitional living skills.

Mobilizing Individuals and Businesses: In 2010, to help meet this need, 26 corporations, financial institutions, educators, housing and healthcare institutions joined our cause when we launched Real Life Prep to help support and provide coaching and individual life skills training to 250 graduating foster youth.