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Our Programs

We Gift P.E.A.R.L.S. to help foster youth at critical stages in their life: middle school, high school, college and when it is time for them to live on their own.

  • Permanency:

  • Gift for a Child's  community education campaigns raise awareness about the need to connect foster youth with caring adults. These youth struggle with intense loneliness and sadness in foster care due to being separated from their family and not achieving permanency in foster care. Additionally, many foster youth  do not have the opportunity to form normal relationships with others.
  • Education:  www.celebrationofexcellence.org

  • Approximately 50 percent of foster youth will graduate from high school and only 1% will graduate from college. Foster youth may fall behind in school when they enter the foster care system because of multiple housing moves. These youth need help to stay on track academically and to pursue higher education. 

  • Adventures and Achievement:

  • Many foster youth have limited exposure to experiences to help  broaden their perspectives and encourage them in life. Our adventures include everything from a going to the museum to a fine-dining experience. Gift for a Child's Achievement and Recognition program puts a spotlight on the successes and accomplishments of foster youth. 
  • Real Life Preparation: www.reallifeprep.org

  • Every year, over 20,000 children emancipate from the foster care system to live on their own. They often lack the skills required for self-sufficiency.  These youth need help managing money, finding housing, interviewing for a job and undertaking other basic tasks of self-sufficiency which are a pre-requisite for success living on their own. 
  • Lifeline: www.transitioncarepackages.org

  • 30% of foster youth will be homeless within 12 months of leaving care.Youth in care and those leaving the system need immediate financial support in emergency situations that may include rent money, bus passes, gas cards, interview clothing, and vehicle repair. We also provide youth with grocery gift cards for immediate food relief and help provide funding for tutors and college application fees.
  • Solutions Center:

  • From entrepreneurs to educators, Gift for a Child is mobilizing communities to use their talents and gifts to help develop innovative solutions to help children in foster care achieve success in school and in life.