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Help Needed:

Children in foster care need your time, talents and problem solving abilities. Communities are full of people with enormous talents and gifts to share that could benefit children in foster care. People like you interested in helping deposit time, talents, skills or financial resources.

Volunteer and list a job on your resume that will give future employers a reason to hire you.

Our Volunteer Workforce Program connects you with others in the business community. If you want to connect to a network of people in your community while volunteering your time, our Volunteer Workforce Program is for you. This program creates connections through sharing skills and connects unmet needs of foster youth with untapped resources in the community.

  • Gift Time: Volunteers deposit their time for a specific date, time or event. Corporations donate a team of individuals to commit community services hours for an outreach activity on behalf of children in foster care
  • Gift Talents:  From professional photography, dining adventures, writing a child’s life story, driving lessons, hair make over, dinner with your family, giving music lessons, lending professional advice and more, everyone has a valuable skill to share 
  • Gift Goods: From gift cards to technology and even book publishing, your gift means something good to a child in foster care
  • Gift Events: Corporations donate their organization or a team of individuals to commit to a specific outreach activity on behalf of children in foster care

While you volunteer. Enjoy the tax write-off.

Your volunteer time is considered a ‘charitable contribution’ to our 501c3 non-profit organization and may be listed as a tax deduction using your round trip mileage and/or documentation of gasoline expenses each year. Consult with your tax advisor for details.

Consider getting involved in one or more of the following ways and help make a difference in the lives of foster youth: donate money, donate gifts/giftcards or donate time. Donate money by contributing funds as an individual or an organization. Donate gifts by participating in our annual gift drives or by hosting your own event. Donate time by exploring many of our volunteer opportunities at Gift for a Child.