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Volunteer Your Skills

Get Started Helpful Tips:

  • Take an inventory of your current and past job functions and make a list of the broad areas in which you have professional experience.  For example, do you work in marketing, public relations, law, human resources, accounting, finance, technology, strategic planning?
  • Assess your business and organization skills that cut across all functional or subject areas and make a list of your capabilities.  For example, are you a good writer?  Do you negotiate well?  Are you a strong project manager?

  • Once you’ve identified your skills and capabilities, jot down how you could apply your specific abilities to the business needs Gift for a Child.  For example, if you are a writer you could help with a youth writing project. If you work with computers, perhaps you could help us with our database development needs.  If you work in finance, you might help with a cash flow analysis.  If you work in graphic design, you could design an event invitation.  If you work in training, you could develop a training manual.  If you are skilled in negotiation, you could help finalize a contract.  The possibilities are endless!

  • Contact Gift for a Child at volunteer@giftforachild.org to express your interest in contributing business skills and to initiate a conversation about your  specific business and organizational needs.  If you already have an idea, let's talk about how we put it in motion.
If you want to have our volunteer coordinator match your skills to the needs of a child in foster, tells us about who you are and what you've done by sending an email to volunteer@giftforachild.org. Let us know when you'd like to begin, and what you hope to accomplish.