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    Cause of My Mother

    Rene Gunn is the founder of Gift for a Child; an organization dedicated to providing gifts to children without families has been on a journey the last five years to help children in foster care. This adoptive mom from Corporate America is committed to helping these youth because of her hero and role model --- her mother Sylvia.

    Rene and her four sisters grew up in a home with a mother that was a nurse and a father that was in the entertainment industry. Rene’s mother had a big heart for children and would invite children that weren’t her own into her home to feed them, talk to them or to spend the holidays with her family.   As a single, working woman, Sylvia donated her time to support children in foster care.  While married and raising five daughters, she visited incarcerated teens sometimes traveling several hours to visit them because no one else was there to support the youth.  For youth that were lucky to have Rene’s mother by their side during a court trial, it was an incredible gift that impacted the life of the child, as well as Sylvia’s five daughters.

    I grew up in a household with a father that was a radio personality.  It wasn’t unusual for the family to be around celebrities and people of wealth.  My mother taught me and my sisters the principles of giving.  She also taught us to give to those in need and reminded us that we would always get something back if we sacrificed for others. Over the years my mother gave quietly never wanting recognition for the things that she did to serve children.  When we were in high school, a young man ended up in prison. My mother traveled several hours 3 times a week to be present for his trial. I didn’t understand why she did it then, but this young man ended up turning his life around and visited my mom one day to say thank you for being present when no one else was.“

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