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Foster Care

Entering Foster Care: A child is removed from their birth family and needs support and encouragement as they transition into foster care. Gift for a Child is there with a care package.

Finding Family in Foster Care: A child in foster care won't return to their birth family and needs our help finding a family to call their own. Gift for a Child launches Operation Permanency program to help connect  children with loving adults.

Leaving Foster Care:  Last year, 20,000 youth in the United States left the foster care system at age 18 to live on their own. These youth aged out of foster care with inadequate support, resources, family connections, skills or options to compete in the workforce and build successful lives. One-fourth of them will be homeless within a matter of months. Only 2% will go to college. Gift for a Child launches "Solutions for Success" program and enlists the business community to help prepare older youth for life after foster care.

Foster Youth Quote About the Holidays:

"I try to make my own traditions... in the past, I've volunteered a lot. I send out cards to people who have made a positive difference in my life just to let them know their impact. i make carmel popcorn sometimes, and give it to people i care about. i also make hot apple cider because i love the smell. I don't have any family or people I can spend the holiday with, but I try to make the best of it."

Youth Quote About Being in Foster Care

"I recently turned 18. My case worker encouraged me to stay in the system as long as i can which is my plan. Both of my parents are dead (please don't say your sorry because it doesn't really help). I have been in the system since i was 4 and i just cant wait to get out! But i realize the government is the only people I have in my life!"

Youth  Quote About Believing in Themselves:

"I was always told I would never amount to anything. I can finally stand here today even in the midst of all the problems I still have and say i proved them wrong. I was nearing 19 when I left foster care and its been a journey. I finally am in college and feeling better about myself. I dealt with the group homes, foster homes, residentials and multiple mental health hospital stays."

Youth Quote About Overcoming Obstacles:

"Me and other foster youth know what it's like to go through life solo. And even though we need and deserve support and love from people around us, we are conquerors, and we can take on the world and come out okay"

Youth  Quote About Being Separated From Siblings

"It's been a few years now but my little brother and i were separated after being placed in our second foster home. Eventually, we were separated. I haven't seen my little brother since 2000. My brother would be almost 18 by now. Maybe if I found him it would help me move on from the pain i still have."