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Our Work for Children

Empower A Life. Create Possiblity.

This is what we do for children in foster care. The presence Gift for a Child provides in the life of a child is more than just helping hands; we help foster youth to realize that regardless of their circumstances, they are still able to live extraordinary lives and we will help them to get there! We provide real life preparation, care packages, a life line, career counseling and academic guidance.

Imagine growing up in foster care moving from home to home carrying your  belongings in a garbage bag.  One day you turn 18 and the comfort of the group home and your government parent is no longer available. 

We going into communities to raise awareness about the need for caring adults for foster youth.

  • They want to be part of a family. 100% of foster youth would like to be part of a permanent, caring family or support system. Many want to have a relationship with their birth parent. Others, especially older teens and sibling groups, hope someone will adopt them. Some children just need someone to speak up for them so they’ll get adopted.

We provide photographic and written memories of special times in the lives of foster youth.

  • They want to create positive memories. Youth in foster care go many years without having a professionally produced photograph to help their social worker connect them with their forever families. Some really want a photographic reminder of a sibling they are separated from. 

We extend a lifeline to provide foster youth with critical necessities in care and when they leave foster care.

  • They don’t want to be homeless. 25% of foster youth end up homeless within 18 months of leaving care.

We provide foster youth with real life preparation skills.

  • They want support transitioning to adulthood. 20,000 youth leave foster care each year at an age when they are unprepared to transition to adulthood.  These youth want to learn how to live on their own, obtain a job, and maintain finances. 

We help prepare foster youth to succeed in school and to enter college, technical school and the military.

  • They want to go to college. 70% of foster youth want to attend college, but need guidance from mentors and guidance counselors to get there. Others need a place to go during school breaks or a package of goodies from someone that cares.