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Community Partners

To accomplish our goals, Gift for a Child works closely with numerous community organizations and government agencies to supplement their programs while serving as an advocate, mentor and lifeline for children in need. These organizations include:

Social Service Agencies

Gift for a Child partners with child welfare organizations to develop awareness programs focused on the needs of abandoned and neglected children. We also fill gaps between children’s needs and agency support. These partners include state and federal child welfare agencies, private adoption agencies, community development groups, parent groups, group homes and scores of others.

If you are a state social services agency, private agency or association looking for support with your adoption/foster care community education or recruitment efforts, please contact us at childwelfare@giftforachild.org

Community Outreach Programs

Entire communities working together can make a difference in the lives of 132 million abandoned and neglected children. Across the country, individuals are needed to build brighter futures for needy youth by supporting Gift for a Child’s advocacy and outreach programs. Learn more about what you can do.

Corporations and Other Businesses

Gift for a Child relies on the support of volunteers to help make a difference in the lives of children. We work with Community Affairs and Human Resource offices of corporations and local businesses to help implement adoption education and benefits programs.

Volunteerism is a key component of many companies' philanthropic and community affairs programs. Corporate volunteerism can be a triple win when you support Gift for a Child programs: helping children in the foster care system while giving employees a chance to shine and benefiting the company in numerous ways as they watch the lives of the children improve. 

If you are a business or corporation looking to support one of Gift for a Child’s programs or related adoption awareness efforts, please email us at corporatesupport@giftforachild.org.

Faith-based Organizations

Gift for a Child works with the faith-based community to help educate and get members involved in foster care and adoption. We develop programs to educate church members regarding the great need to support abandoned and neglected children. Whenever possible, presentations are made during regularly scheduled weekend services. Additionally, depending upon availability, a Picture Adoption, Picture Charity, Picture Day or Heart Gallery Exhibit featuring pictures and stories of children in need can be placed on display. If your religious organization would like to become involved or work with Gift for a Child, please contact us at congregations@giftforachild.org.  


Gift for a Child is supported by a number of nationally recognized photographers. Local photographers, members of national photographic associations and other photojournalists volunteer their time and talent by taking pictures of children and producing professional, artistic portraits of children available for adoption, as well as homeless and impoverished youth. The portraits become part of awareness and education exhibits called Picture Adoption, Picture Charity, Picture Day and the Heart Gallery Southeast, and are designed to recruit prospective adoptive families. We’ve even created a site to recognize photographers that are making a difference for children.

Click here to view the list of photographers currently supporting Gift for a Child programs. If you are a photographer, film processor, printer or picture framer and want to help, please contact us at photographers@giftforachild.org. Learn more about the Heart Gallery Southeast here.