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Thousands of children enter foster care year.  A gift from you could transform a foster child's life.

Who are the children that need a gift?:  Children removed from their birth families living in group homes or foster homes with the government as their parents. They are middle schoolers, teens, college students, siblings, and older youth that  emancipated from foster care. There are 500,000 of these youth across the United States. Last year, 20,000 aged out of foster to care to live on their own for the first time.


What kind of gift can I give:

Your donations are gifts  that provide encouragement, demonstrate caring, and meet basic needs – come in many sizes to meet the individual needs of the children that we serve. Because each person and/or business has different abilities to provide support, we’ve established different levels of giving.

  • Gift ME 5 Campaign ($5, $50 or $500)

  • Gift Compassion (Donate $1,000)
  • Gift Encouragement (Donate $2,500)
  • Gift Care (Donate $5,000)
  • Gift Dreams (Donate $10,000)
  • Gift Hope (Donate $15,000)
  • Gift Wings (Donate $25,000)

Ways to Give:

Checks in the Mail: Send your check of any dollar amount payable to Gift for a Child at our address below. Click here for a pdf version of the form to send with your donation. The form is not required but is very helpful for our processing purposes.

Corporate Matching Gifts: If your employer offers a Matching Gift Program, you could increase or double your donation to Gift for a Child. Ask your personnel manager or staff member responsible for employee charitable giving to complete a matching gift form. Mail a copy of the form to Gift for a Child at the address below.


Planned Giving: You can leave a legacy for foster youth.  If you are interested in remembering Gift for a Child in your will or trust, or as a beneficiary of your life retirement plan or insurance policies, please contact our Executive Director.

Mail your gift payable to:
Gift for a Child, Inc.

10945 Statebridge Road

Suite 401-274

Alpharetta, Georgia 30022

For more information: gift@giftforachild.org (678) 481-6442


Gift for a Child is a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.  All contributions to Gift for a Child are tax-deductible.  As a requirement of the 1993 Revenue Reconciliation Act, we verify that no goods or services of value are given to you for your contribution.


Thank you for your generous support of Gift for a Child and foster youth. Gift Mart (see below) Our unique gift mart provides donors with an  opportunity  to select and  purchase a unique gift for a child in foster care.

Gift Mart

Gift My Bag $100

Thousands of children in the United States need to be rescued from abusive situations each year.  These children are quickly removed from the home they grew up with a few personal items often placed in a plastic trash bag.  These children are removed suddenly from the home they know and given little time to prepare to move to the foster home or crisis center that they will be placed. Help us by sponsoring a transition bag for youth that are being removed from their home.


Gift for a Grad Card $250

Graduating from high school is an important accomplishment for for most teens, but for foster youth graduating from high school is often celebrated along without anyone providing a gift to say congratulations on your achievement. Last year we donated gift cards to say we are proud of you to foster youth graduating from high school or college.


Gift Care Packages $250

The opportunity to go to college is an important goal to many youth in foster care. For those that do end up going to college, support and a connection with those that care to encourage and inspire them are often lacking.  While their college roommates receive letters, cards, baked goods, gift cards and other items from home, these youth receive very little, if anything. We’re providing the gift of a care package for foster youth in college. Sponsor a gift that says someone cares to youth in foster care. Four times a year, they will know it is from you or your business.


Gift a Birthday Present $75

When a child in foster care has a birthday, it is just like any other day. There are no expectations of receiving a birthday card, cake, candles or a present. The average foster child experiences three to four moves during the course of his or her stay in the foster care system. With so many changes, it is not surprising that a child’s birthday often gets lost in the shuffle. You can help say happy birthday by sponsoring a child’s birthday celebration. Your donation provides a birthday card, wrapped present or a gift card for a child in foster care. 


Gift an Adventure $150

Many foster don’t get to experience going to the theater, symphony, and an afternoon ballet, museum visit or aquarium adventure. You can help by donating circus, movie or theater tickets. We’re also looking for venues that will allow us to provide a cultural experience that at risk and abandoned children dream about, but never experience.


In-Kind Donations and Sponsorships

Gift a Difference Party

Teaching your child that it is just as wonderful to give as it is to receive is almost never easy. But once they understand the concept, the rewards can last a lifetime for them and the child they give to. Consider hosting a Gift for a Child charity party. Even if you aren’t a child, it’s a great way to spend time together with friends or family shopping and then wrapping gifts for children in need. By hosting a charity party for needy youth, a sense of giving is instilled in children as well as adults.

Corporate Care Package Sponsors

If you are a consumer books organization, your package of goods can help meet the needs of a youth in college that has no one...


Golf for a Child

Gift for a Child’s first tournament began as fundraiser that included golfers from major corporations across the country.  When we launched this event to help children in need, older foster youth were paired with golf enthusiasts to create a connection and life experience for both the foster youth and the golfer. One of the highlights of the event was the exhibit of children in care waiting to be adopted and a heart wrenching story of hurts and hope from a foster youth (now in college) advocating for other children. We are planning another event in 2011 and want to talk to golf pros, golf enthusiasts, amateur golfers and anyone that just wants to play to give a gift of financial support to help at risk, homeless and abandoned youth.


Arts, Photography and Writing for a Child

We’re looking for artistic types like photographers, artists, writers, scrap bookers and others to help us tell the story about children in foster care and those that have transitioned out of foster care. If you are a photographer, videographer or writer, please consider donating your time and experience for youth in care. Give us the gift of your time. We have artistic programs called Picture Adoption, Picture Charity, Picture Day and the Heart Gallery Southeast that we’d love to speak with you about.