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How to Help

How to Help

As long as there are foster children, there are needs, so the possibilities to help are limitless! Providing the Presence for a Lifetime for children doesn’t require having a perfect plan, or even adoption. It only requires a compassionate heart and a willingness to take the first step. Please contact Gift for a Child to find out how you can make a lasting impact in the lives of these very special young people.

What Kind of Gift Can I Give?

Replace a trash bag with the gift of a backpack or luggage

Thousands of children in the United States need to be rescued from abusive situations each year.  These children are removed suddenly from the home they know and given little time to prepare to move to the foster home or crisis center where they will be placed. Often their few positions are placed in a plastic trash bag, and that becomes their luggage. They deserve better: backpacks@giftforachild.org.

Care package gifts for college youth in foster care

The opportunity to go to college is an important goal to many youth in foster care. For those that do end up going to college, support and a connection with people to encourage and inspire them is often lacking.  While their college roommates receive letters, cards, baked goods, gift cards and other items from home, these youth receive very little, if anything. A care package may be a small thing for you, but it’s a big event for them.www.carepackagesforachild.com

Birthday Gifts for Foster Youth

When a child in foster care has a birthday, it is just like any other day. There are no expectations of receiving a birthday card, cake, candles or a present. There is no special treat and no birthday party. The average foster child experiences three to four moves during the course of his or her stay in the foster care system. With so many changes, it is not surprising that a child’s birthday often gets lost in the shuffle. You can help say happy birthday by providing a birthday card, wrapped present or a gift card for a child in foster care. birthdays@giftforachild.org

Gift of an Adventure

Many foster and homeless don’t get to experience going to the theater, symphony, an afternoon ballet, museum visit or aquarium adventure. We’re looking for venues that will allow us to provide a cultural experience that at risk and abandoned children dream about, but never experience. adventures@giftforachild.com   

Golf for a Child

Gift for a Child’s first tournament began as fundraiser that included golfers from major corporations across the country. When we launched this event to help children in need, older foster youth were paired with golf enthusiasts to create a connection and life experience for both the foster youth and the golfer. One of the highlights of the event was the exhibit of children in care waiting to be adopted and a heart-wrenching story of hurts and hope from a foster youth (now in college) advocating for other children.

We are planning another event in 2010 and want to talk to golf pros, golf enthusiasts, amateur golfers and anyone that just wants to play to give a gift of financial support to help at risk, homeless and abandoned youth. golf@giftforachild.com.

Artistic and Photographic Gifts

We’re looking for artistic types like photographers, artists, writers, scrap bookers and others to help us tell the story about children in foster care and those that have transitioned out of foster care. If you are a photographer, videographer or writer, please consider donating your time and experience for youth in care. Give us the gift of your time.

Many of these children find writing about their experiences in foster care therapeutic and healing, or they want to save their few pictures in an album or scrap book. There’s a need for many hands to help the many children.

We have artistic programs called Picture Adoption, Picture Charity, Picture Day and the Heart Gallery Southeast that we’d love to speak with you about. artists@giftforachild.com

Clothing Gifts

Most teenagers worry about clothes, and for those in foster care, dressing with a semblance of style, or even for the changing seasons, can be a real challenge. When a child first enters foster care they don’t come with much clothing. The state agency may provide an initial clothing voucher, but later on, if there are needs like a winter coat, soccer uniform or special circumstances like a growth spurt, it can be difficult to get new clothes. Sometimes, having a brand new coat or other clothing that no one else has worn means as much to a child as having a brand new toy. clothingforachild@giftforachild.com

Haircut and a Style Gifts

Children in foster care are provided with limited resources for their personal care like a hair cut or new hairstyle from a professional. If you are a barber or hair stylist, or know someone within your company, church, or temple that is willing to provide free hair cuts or styling for foster children, pay for haircuts, or hold a Haircut-a-Thon to raise money for this type of program, please contact us. styleforachild@giftforachild.org.

Charity Gift Party

Teaching your child that it's just as wonderful to give as it is to receive is never easy. But once they understand the concept, the rewards can last a lifetime for them and the child they give to. Consider hosting a Gift for a Child charity party. Even if you aren’t a child, it’s a great way to spend time together with friends or family shopping and then wrapping gifts for children in need. By hosting a charity party for needy youth, a sense of giving is instilled in children as well as adults.  partyforachild@giftforachild.com

Community Service Gifts

Many schools encourage their students to get involved in a community service project. Gift for a Child has a number of worthy projects designed for middle school, teen and college students to get involved. These youth can earn service hours by simply being a registration volunteer at an event, putting care packages together for foster youth, helping at a party for children or raising money through one of our fund-raising efforts. It’s up to you...whatever feels comfortable. communityservice@giftforachild.org

Educational Gifts

Many children lack needed books, school supplies, resources, tools and other items to help them succeed in school. You can help us improve the educational opportunities of foster chil­dren by being a mentor or providing tutoring, books, school supplies and related materials. Education is a key factor in determining whether most children suc­cessfully make the transition to independence. educators@giftforachild.org