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Foster Youth News

Coming Soon. We believe that the most valuable news we can share with you isn't about ourselves. This news spotlight is dedicated to foster youth across America and their triumphs and tragedies. Foster youth across the country are making news at school, in their community or at work. The stories written about them come from dedicated writers working for various media outlets, we thank them for telling a story about a foster youth. Who they are and what they've done is published here too.

As a nonprofit organization, our purpose is to meet the needs of children in foster care to help them create possibility so they can lead transformed lives. You may not see our name in the news very often - by design. As an organization made up of many individuals from the business community, we've experienced our share of success (and headlines). We want to focus on helping foster youth create headlines.

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Corporations Supporting Adoption

Coming Soon! Every year many corporations commit their time, talent and financial resources to support Gift for a Child and other organizations supporting foster youth. These organizatiaons are gift their time, talent and resources to change he life of foster youth. We are very thankful for the support of these organizations and will be regularly sharing news about t hei support.

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Recent News Headlines

We believe that the personal success stories of foster youth are our news. If you don't hear about us a lot in the news, don't be surprised. Our news headlines are in the hearts and minds of the foster youth we serve. Instead of promoting what we've done, you'll see us promoting what they've done as well as the incredible volunteers and organizations making a difference.

You'll be reading about their stories and successes through our blog. Their stories deserve to be headlined in the media.